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Forged in hard times,

made for good times.

During periods of hardship, we realize what's really important: family and friends, looking out for each other, and the quality of each moment. This is what Quarantine Vodka and Quarantine Gin stands for: premium spirits that accentuate the precious time we share with others. Explore your inner mixologist and create impossibly good cocktails.


Isolated in perfection,

defined by quality

Quarantine Vodka

What inspired the creation of Quarantine Vodka the most was the ingenuity of Spirits lovers around the world who stayed at home and came up with spectacular cocktails. This new-found passion deserves an ultra-premium foundation: a crystalline Vodka, made with the purest water, distilled six times.


The nose offers clean aromas of corn that translate into a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Quarantine Vodka is a great team player, elevating any cocktail recipe to another level.


Quarantine Gin

The second spirit born out of the home-bound passion for mixing drinks comes in the form of a bold wheat-based London Dry Gin. Its zesty, aromatic, and full-flavored character arises from copious amounts of juniper, angelica root, licorice root, coriander, and orange peel in its genes.

The complexity and layers of aromas make Quarantine Gin the perfect companion in all classic cocktails. Now you can make your Quarantinis the proper way (with a five-star Gin) or finally fix yourself a Vesper Quarantini.


The Secret Weapons of Mixology

You probably already have your favorite recipe perfected to a tee, but you can never know too many cocktails. These old classics and fresh new concoctions will ace with both Quarantine spirits.



• 3 oz Quarantine Vodka or Gin

• 1 oz Dry Vermouth

• Olive Brine

• Green olives


Stir together with ice and strain into cocktail glass. To make it dirty, add a splash of olive brine and add a green olive.


It's Quarantini Time

Unleash your inner mixologist and get Quarantine Vodka and Gin from one of our trusted retail partners. 

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